The breeders listed below (in Alphabetical Order by Kennel Name) are members in good standing of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of B.C.  The information is provided solely for your convenience.  The Club does not endorse these breeders, nor does it guarantee that their dogs meet any specific standards.  The Club does not guarantee that all these breeders will meet your own personal standards, therefore  you must take responsibility to do your own research.  Reputable  breeders will ask many questions of you to ensure that their puppies will be well taken care of and will share with you information on their breeding program, kennel conditions, health certificates and pedigrees.

Kennel:   Alderglen  
Name:   Susan Thompson              
We have: Blenheims          


Alderglen's goal is to produce happy. sound, true-to-type Cavaliers.
Our health protocol includes annual heart and eye exams by board-certified 
specialists, OFA-certified hip and patella evaluations, and neurological testing
prior to breeding.  CKC-registered, home-raised puppies are available occasionally
for approved owners.  You are welcome to contact us for additional information.
Kennel:   Cantebury          
Name:   Bernice Newbury/ Kim Gibbs          
Address:   Penticton, B.C.          
We have:   Blenheims and Tri's          
We test for:   Hearts(MVD), Eyes, Luxating Patella, Hip Dysplasia          
Comments:   All of our dogs go yearly to board certified veterinary specialists.  We strive to produce          
    happy, healthy, home raised puppies.  We have a puppy contract and a health guarantee.          
 Kennel:    Caviolia Cavaliers          
 Name:    Debbie Robinson          
 Address:    Salmon Arm, B.C.          
 We have:    Blenheims, Tri's, Ruby's          
 Comments:    We strive to produce happy, healthy, home-raised          
     puppies. Our puppies go home with a puppy          
     contract, health guarantee and lifetime support.          
     Stud service available.          
 Kennel:    Cresthaven          
 Name:    Christa Lane          
 Address:    Penticton, B.C.          
 We have:    Blenheims, Tri's          
 Comments:    Our puppies are raised in our home, with our children, as part of the family. The dogs are seen by          
     by board certified specialists for their hearts and eyes before breeding.  Puppies are available          
     occasionally.  They are sold  with a written health guarantee to approved homes .          
Kennel:   Devon's
Address:   Mission, B.C.        
Telephone: 604-820-1902              
We test for: Hearts (MVD), Eyes, Hip Dysplasia          
Kennel:   Kibergo CKC Permanent Registered (Established 1986)    
Name:   Brigitte & Edvard Falch            
Address:   Mail: PO Box 174, 1612 Brother Road, Hagensburg, BC V0T 1H0
Telephone: 250-982-2787  (Cel: 250-320-6677)        
We have: Blenheims, Tricolours, Ruby, Black & Tan. Ship only to approved homes.  
We test for: Hearts (MVD), Eyes, Luxating Patella, Hip Dysplasia      
Kennel:   Kingshaven CKC Registered (Established in 1986)      
Name:   Florence Blair              
Address:   Mission, BC              
Telephone: 604-462-0075              
We have: Blenheims, Tricolours          
We test for: Heart (MVD), Eyes, Syringomyelia, Hip Dysplasia  
Comments: Kingshaven attempts to produce healthy, sound puppies with loving happy temperament.
    All current shots and health checks.  Lifetime support, with holiday care available.  
Kennel:   Mingchen CKC Permanent Registered (Established 1977)    
Name:   Louise Pearce              
Telephone: 604-852-9431              
We have: Blenheims              
We test for: Hearts (MVD), Eyes, Luxating Patella, Hip Dysplasia, Syringomyelia    
Kennel:   Moyola Cavaliers            
Name:   Catherine McKenna            
Address:   8262 Shrewsbury Drive, Chilliwack, BC V2R 2X3        
Telephone: 604-703-1308              
We have: Blenheims & tricolours            
We test for: Hearts (MVD), Eyes, Luxating Patella, Hip Dysplasia, Syringomyelia    
Kennel:   Quail Run  (Established 1989)          
Name:   Linda  Kornhi              
Address:   35561 Westminster Street, Oregon, USA 97455        
Telephone: 541-726-3850              
We have: Blenheims & Tricolours            
We test for: Hearts (MVD), Eyes, Luxating Patella, Hip Dysplasia      
Comments: All breeding stock is screened annually by boarded veterinary specialists  
    in an attempt to produce sound and healthy puppies. Lifetime support  
    and mentoring is provided.            
    Stud service available by private treaty.
Kennel:   Summerhill      
Name:   Karin McClain            
Telephone: 604-630-7788              
Location:   Langley, BC            
We have:
Blenheim's and Tricolors
Kennel:   Von Siegerhaus (Established 1970)          
Name:   Carol Woodward              
Address:   355 South Tenth Street, Shelton, Washington, USA 98584      
Telephone: 360-426-9078              
We have: Blenheims, Tricolours, Ruby, Black & Tan        
We test for: Hearts (MVD), Eyes, Luxating Patella, Hip Dysplasia, SM (Males)    
Comments: I accept and assist in rescue Cavaliers.  My only stud is CHIC cleared,  
    has earned an American Temperament Test title, RN, International KC  
    Championship and major pointed in the US from puppy classes.